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© 2002 Patricia L. Carpenter
{Poem Book 8}
We have been INVITED *
to the great "Supper of The Lamb",
Yes ~ God is CALLING US
Who is The Great 'I AM'!

Would you 'decline' that offer
because of bitterness & hate?
from ~Entering~ 'Life's Gate'!

Oh, it's not because we're 'good' *
but because of His great Promise,
Please, my dear friends
don't REMAIN a 'doubting Thomas'!

God's  Heart of LOVE  is open
to ALL who love His Son, *
The very 'One' Who bled & died *
yes  ~JESUS~  is 'That One'!

He 'rose up'  from the grave *
to defeat  ~ death & hell, *
That we might CHOOSE ~ Life Eternal *
yes ~ The Living Well! *

Drink deep of Jesus' Love, my friend
The Fountain of 'Life'  is flowing, *
Then His Love will replace your hate
while 'abiding', 'sharing' & 'growing'.

'Abiding'  in Jesus *
& 'sharing'  His Love, *
'Growing'  in The Spirit *
so that we won't shove.

Won't 'shove away' other *
Who'll share that Table with us
beyond those Gates.

'Prejudice' & 'jealousy' *
aren't invited,
who is Totally United!

No longer condemned *
now a 'member' of The Kingdom, *
Adopted into CHRIST'S Family *
& never abandoned! *

An 'imperishable' inheritance *
with access to God, *
Willing, of course
to bear His chastening 'Rod'! *

The 'Rod of Correction'  *
that shows His deep Love,
Helping us NOT wander
away from The Dove!

Oh, picture the Scene
when we're all together,
Around God's Table
what could be better?

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The VASE of TEARS of ALL the Saints
'weeping' for the lost & dying!

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